Vistas is the fifth album by Miracle of Sound, and the first to not be based on Movies and Video Games. It is an instrumental concept album. All songs were written, performed, produced, mixed, mastered by Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound). It was released on January 6th 2014 digitally on bandcamp and iTunes with a tracklist of 15 songs.


Album Cover

The album cover is credited to Alyona Maksimova, found on the russian blogspot page, alyonam.


1. 38th Street

2. 4am

3. Hitoshio

4. Electric Sky

5. Manhattan Midnight

6. Cosmic Slum

7. Gougane Barra

8. Downtime

9. Kakolukia

10. Lover Stone

11. Sunny Day Part 1

12. Sunny Day Part 2

13. Nimbus

14. Ocean Hotel

15. The Call (Instrumental Version)

Music Video

RELAXING CHILL OUT MUSIC - 'Vistas' by Miracle Of Sound (Full Album)39:00

RELAXING CHILL OUT MUSIC - 'Vistas' by Miracle Of Sound (Full Album)

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