Last Light
 is a single by Dan Bull. Lyrics written by Dan Bull Vocals performed by Dan Bull and Miracle Of Sound. Music by Antioch. This song was released on April 9, 2015.


[Chorus: Miracle Of Sound]
Do you know the meaning of fear
When you fear to lose all that you hold dear
Do you know the feeling of being alone
On your knees in the rubble of your home?

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
They said that Moscow was a lost hope
But it's not though
It's just gone off the beaten track to meet a crossroad
Glossed over its past
Crossed over at last
You know it had to drop the sickle and hammer
To wield a crossbow
Claustrophobic moments frozen
Suppose the cock crows and
They hoped that after the blast
There'd be just cockroaches
When mutants prove a nuisance
You sense there's a uselessness to jurisprudence
So surely you need new solutions
Not just purely for amusement
You can do things to improve things
Become a student of their blueprints
Or just shoot them
Stab them
Grab them
Chop them
Whatever option stops them
Blood on my hands
And i've not got a moment to wash them
I'm going to aim lower
And throw in the flame thrower
You know i'm insane
So i just throw a grenade
Blow up
So much pain that i could throw up
Flat on my back
And i still twat an attacker that's at my heels
For real


[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
Trying to stop us
Is like trying to stop a moving freight train
To protect our families
We are prepared to shoot and take pain
We stay awake through days and days
Ensure our group can stay safe
We'll take the aches and pains
And trade 'em for grenades and ak's
They say life is sacred
I say I can take it
In moments like this
It's our soul the light hits shining naked
They say life is sacred
I say I can take it
Pull the pin from my grenade
And bake it
While I wait to die degraded



Inspired by Metro: Last Light

Official Video

METRO LAST LIGHT RAP Dan Bull & Miracle Of Sound03:14

METRO LAST LIGHT RAP Dan Bull & Miracle Of Sound


To be added.

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